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The 2017 Winners Announced!

Click on the book above to be taken to the online flip-book version of the 2017 Awards book!

Now in its fourth year, The International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award celebrates all genres of landscape photography, presenting 101 of the most amazing landscape images, submitted by photographers from all over the world.

In addition to this remarkable collection, each year we ask our judges to do an impossible task, to pick the winners. And while the first place International Landscape Photograph of the Year is breathtaking, to be named International Landscape PhotographER of the Year requires more than a single shot. The PhotographER of the Year is based on a portfolio of four images representing consistency as well as that spark of landscape brilliance.

Above, you'll see the book with all the details and all the winners, including the top 101. The book will be available for ordering shortly from Momento Pro.

Below you will find the major and special prize winners - congratulations. 

(N.B. Entrants, you can log into your account to view the results of your entries. The cut-off score for the book this year was 85.2% - but there were a number of entries that were very similar, out of date, or had exactly the same score, so as per the rules, the judges were asked to reduce the number to just 101 for the book.)

To quickly see if you're in the top 101, click here.

Please enjoy the best international landscape photographs of 2017. Here are the major winners...


While the Photographer of the Year requires at least four images to be submitted and is based on a portfolio, only a single image is required to win the Photograph of the Year - and for the first time, our Photographer of the Year also won the Photograph of the Year! Well done, Max!

And let's not forget the special awards because they are a lot of fun!

Our thanks again to our esteemed judges, because the success of our photography competition is the result of expert opinions collaborating to curate a wonderful exhibit of the world's best contemporary landscape photography. 

  • David Burnett, USA, co-founder of Contact Press Images and himself a Magazine Photographer of the Year.
  • Jim M. Goldstein, a professional and fine art photographer and regular photography magazine contributor and writer.
  • Kaye Davis, NZIPP Grand Master of Photography, professional photographer and senior lecturer.
  • Tim Parkin, UK-based landscape photographer and editor of On Landscape magazine.
  • Alex Noriega, the winner of the 2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year.

And thanks to our sponsors: Momento Pro photo books, Created For Life printing and framing, and Epson for its wonderful printers.

Finally, thanks to all the entrants. There were 3518 images entered by 866 photographers from all around the globe. Entrants, you can log into your account to see your scores at any time.

A number of entrants have asked where their scores fit into the range - so here is a distribution of the scores. As an average, there were no entries scored below 70, but very few above 90. Some entrants might ask why are the scores bunched so closely together, and why no scores below 70 - which is a fair question. To give an entrant a score of 1% or 10% just because it was one of the weakest entries does not mean it is worth 10%. Most photographers entering this competition have high levels of skill, certainly compared to the average snapshooter, and so a low score of 70% indicates that, in comparison to other entrants, they have room for improvement. Equally we could ask, why have the top scoring images only scored 90% - why not 100%? We can spend a day discussing where we place the scoring values, but experience indicates that the range you see here is fair and in keeping with many other (but obviously not all) competitions around the world. For instance, these scores are in keeping with what we see in the Australian Professional Photography Awards, WPPI and the Better Photography Photo of the Year awards. 


The 2018 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards will be held later this year, so if you didn't feature in this year's book, there's another chance soon!

Good luck!

Peter Eastway & David Evans

International Judging Panel

We have an expert and highly respected panel of international judges for 2017.




DAVID BURNETT (born Salt Lake City, Utah 1946) He learned photography at the Olympus High yearbook, and later shot pictures (mostly sports) at Colorado College (BA Poli Sci ‘68.) He began working as a freelancer for Time, and later Life magazine in the late 1960s spending two years covering the war in Vietnam. Following the demise of Life Magazine weekly, he joined the French photo agency Gamma and subsequently, in 1975 he co-founded Contact Press Images, in New York. His work for news magazines in Europe and the US has included politics, sports, and portraiture as well as the news. He has covered every Summer Olympic Games since 1984, as well as the 2002 & recent 2014 Sochi Winter Games, and photographed every American President since John F Kennedy. His awards include ‘Magazine Photographer of the Year’ from the Pictures of the Year Competition, the ‘World Press Photo of the Year’, and the Robert Capa Gold Medal from the Overseas Press Club. He has produced photographic essays for Time, Fortune, GEO, Paris-Match and ESPN Magazine. He served on the World Press Jury in 1997, 1999, and chaired the jury in 2011. He also taught the World Press “Joop Swart Master Class” in 2007. He is the author of two photographic books: “Soul Rebel - An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley,” and “44 Days : Iran and the Remaking of the World,” picture taken during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. He calls New York home, but is at home anywhere there is a good story.





Jim M. Goldstein is professional photographer, author, and educator based in San Francisco, California. Passionate about nature and the environment, Jim infuses elements of the natural world into his commercial and editorial work. A member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Jim produces the highest quality photography for both commercial clients and fine art photography collectors. Jim is the author of the eBook “Photographing the 4th Dimension - Time” and has published numerous articles in Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and several other publications & blogs. “How do you pursue getting an adrenaline rush? I’m not a skydiver, I haven’t joined a fight club, and I don’t extreme plank. I get an adrenaline rush being behind a camera, taking visually engaging and thought provoking images. “Specifically I love nature, color, minimalism and challenging convention. I strive to see and feel subtlety, while keeping an eye open for the bold. “If you like standing where the view takes your breath away take a step closer and I’ll show you something amazing.”





Kaye has close to 20 years experience as a photographer, following many years immersed in the creative industry of fashion and design. It was during her time studying for the fashion industry that saw her first experience the wonders of the darkroom, a love she went back to when deciding to retrain in photography many years later.

Since then, she has worked as a freelance photographer, undertaking wedding, portrait and commercial photography. Now working as a full-time Senior Lecturer on the Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging (UCOL, Palmerston North, New Zealand), she also gives back to the industry through writing a regular column for The Photographer’s Mail, as an international judge, a position on the NZIPP Board and as current Chair of the NZIPP Honours Council.

Kaye’s practice now revolves around photographic art and a love of landscape, still life, illustrative and portraiture.

Career highlights include Epson/NZIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 (New Zealand), Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2013 (Australia), Creative Photographer of the Year 2014, 2013 and 2011 (New Zealand).

"I absolutely love being part of this amazing profession and I’m constantly amazed and inspired by the passion, creativity and talent that exists at all levels.

“As an artist, photography is my medium of choice for expressing and interpreting the wonders of nature and the world around me, and I love that I am constantly learning about the art of photography.”




Tim Parkin is On Landscape online photography magazine's editor and, along with Joe Cornish, co-founder. Originally a computer engineer with a PhD, he has worked extensively in publishing, the internet and the music industry, but today Tim is immersed in all aspects of the art and craft. While his background means he is completely comfortable with digital photography and post-production, he chooses to shoot a lot of his landscape work on film using large format cameras.  

"Our original goal for On Landscape was to create something dedicated to the people we both meet on a fairly regular basis. The amateurs who spend all of their spare time in the field, the semi-professionals trying to make a living from this misunderstood occupation and the full timers who have managed to build themselves a niche in a challenging business field.

"At the end of the day my photography is about learning; learning to see, learning to take pictures, learning about other photographers. This process also becomes a conversation with other photographers (who tend to be a nice bunch mostly) and this engagement is satisfying in itself."




2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Winner

Alex Noriega is full-time landscape photographer currently based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. "I've been shooting for over seven years now. I most often find myself photographing the incredible geology of the American desert southwest, or the dramatic scale of mountain environments. My primary goal is to create images of nature that evoke emotion in me and hopefully that translates to the viewer. I have a great appreciation for both dramatic and quiet scenes.

"In 2016, I won three major awards, all international competitions with thousands of entries from dozens of countries:

  • International Landscape Photographer of the Year - "Hibernation", "Ballad of Gales", "Sanctuary", and "Mother Brain" earned top prize
  • USA Landscape Photographer of the Year - "Volcanic Autumn" placed 1st overall
  • International Pano Awards Photographer of the Year - "Hibernation II" and "Funnel Factory" placed 1st and 2nd overall

"My images have appeared in a number of publications, including USA Today, Landscape Photography Magazine, Photography Masterclass Magazine, DPReview, Scholastic, N-Photo Magazine, LeNs Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Digital Camera World, Digital Photographer Magazine, Practical Photography Magazine, Photographer's Companion Magazine, Amateur Photographer UK, and the IES Lighting Handbook."

Alex was the winner of the 2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year and as such has been invited to be on the 2017 judging panel.





Competitions are not perfect and with so many great landscape photographs (101 to be exact), being the overall winner, the top dog, the big prize winner, is going to need a little bit of luck. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop us from aspiring to be chosen by our panel of legendary and esteemed judges as the best of the best, the single most impressive landscape photograph of the past 12 months. Open to both amateurs and professionals!




It takes a practised eye and skill in post-production to consistently produce good work. And while in no way demeaning the achievement of capturing the overall International Landscape Photograph of the Year, let’s take a closer look at who is creating the best body of work. The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, whether an enthusiast or a professional entrant, recognises the skill and discipline to create a portfolio of images that stands above the work of your peers.