Max Rive

2017 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Winner

Born and raised in the flat country of the Netherlands, Max visited the high mountains of Switzerland for the first time at the age of 5. Looking at topographical maps, making hiking routes and running in front of his parents and brother, it was immediately obvious that Max had a true and deep passion for mountains and landscapes.

Many years passed by before Max would go back to the mountains for a hiking trip in the Swiss Alps. Even though Max ended up in the hospital after 3 days, he found his passion for the mountains again and returned many times to the European Alps.

As big as his passion was for mountains, photography and other hobbies - such as motorsport and cycling – so small was his passion and motivation for the countless studies he followed. The travels he made during his study made him realise that his current path and direction were only motivated by the expectations of his surroundings. After missing a deadline for his study, Max decided to end his life as a student and stepped only weeks later onto a plane bound for the Himalayas of Nepal. After almost losing his life in an airplane accident, and witnessing the major earthquake in April 2015, he continued traveling around the world to Chile, Argentina, Greenland, Sweden, Scotland, Norway and New Zealand.

“I gradually became more serious as a real landscape photographer when I started sharing photos on the internet and became inspired by the work of others – and by ‘real’ landscape photographer, I mean using tripods, filters, bigger cameras and waiting for days at a spot to get the shot.

“I have now called myself a professional for the past four years, although I always want to keep challenging myself. I don’t want to fall into a predictable routine or get comfortable with what I’m doing.” 

Max was the winner of the 2017 International Landscape Photographer of the Year and as such has been invited to be on the 2018 judging panel. Max was also the winner of the 2017 International Landscape Photograph of the Year - winning both the major awards.